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"Art is being free from all the world's heaviness." 

"I am an Artist.  That is who I am."  - Maria Segura 

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Art of Maria Segura

"An Artist at heart.  Pursuing my passion, my creativity, my imagination to create Art, Film & Fashion." - Maria Segura

"The Girl and the Mask," which was filmed last fall of 2017 was selected to be screened at the American Indian Community House in the heart of New York City! The Live Screening will take place Sept. 15-17, 2018. Tickets can be purchased at . 

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The Girl and the Mask

Synopsis:  "Many rebelled in the streets and against their government.  And those who revolted, were tormented, tortured and killed.”  (The Girl and the Mask), an Experimental Sci-Fi Short Film tells the story of our advancing technology, its negative psychological impact on humanity and the collapse of Mankind.  To prevent the self-destruction of our human race, the Government creates a new law and a new form of technology that will keep humans under control.  

First time Filmmaker and an Artist at heart. Pursing my passion, my creativity and my imagination to create Art, Film & Fashion and to utilize whatever resources I have to make it happen. "The Girl and the Mask" was shot using just one Smartphone.